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Australian Dingo

    height of an australian dingo primitive breed dog
group: primitive height: m 20.47-23.62" / 52-60 cm
types: weight: 29.76-41.88 lbs /
13.5-19 kg
colors: red, ginger, gold to palest cream, black and tan
physical traits: medium-sized, agile, fast
hair type: dense dry undercoat, sparse outer coat w/ protective guard hairs
alert, hardy, rangy, quick reflexes, cautious, stamina, rarely slavish or demonstrative toward strangers
special needs:

nickname: dingo, Canis dingo, C. familiaris dingo, warrigal
origination: Australia
bred for:  
identifying traits:  
ideal for:  
good with kids? no
life expectancy: 13 yrs in captivity; 10 years in the wild
of interest: ownership of the Dingo in its origin country of Australia is unlawful, has long sabre-like teeth. also found in scattered groups across Southeast Asia, fossil remains found dating back 3500 years. competition for food may have led to extinction of Tasmanian Wolf and Tasmanian Devil
health concerns:  
kennel clubs: aukc-(primitive dog group)
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