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basenji dog
adult Basenji dog
    height of a basenji dog
group: primitive
height: m 17" / 43.18 cm,
f 16" / 40.64 cm
types: weight: 21-24 lbs / 9.52-10.8 kg
colors: deep chestnut red and white, black,
black and white, tricolor-black, red and white and brindle-black on red. always less white than any other color
physical traits: adapts to any climate, graceful
hair type: short, silky, fine, single coated
gentle, quiet, intelligent, sight/scent hound, alert, independent, aloof to strangers, mischievous, curious, affectionate, tireless, protective, territorial
special needs:

socialize early, light shedding, cleans itself like a cat, needs attention, fence- has tendency to wander, prone to overweight, may be destructive if left unattended, may nip if startled from sleep
nickname: Belgian Congo Dog, Congo Bush Dog, Bongo Terrier, Congo Terrier, Zande Dog, Nyam-Nyam Terrier
origination: Central Africa
bred for: hunting
identifying traits: rarely barks, but squeals, yodels, chortles, yips, screams when among loved ones. has vocal cords but no bark may be attributed to its evolution as a silent hunter, has wrinkles on forehead, curled tail
ideal for: one person, family, companionship
good with kids? supervise may chase and nip
life expectancy: 10-14 years  
of interest:  
health concerns: body: hernia - (inguinal, umbilical),
eye: microcornea, optic nerve colobomas, persistent puillary membranes
hematopoietic / lymphatic: erythrocyte defects - pyruvate kinase deficiency,
immune: Pelger-Huet anomaly,
urinary: renal defects (familial renal disease, Fanconi's syndrome)
kennel clubs: fci-(primitive type dog group), akc, saku, ankc, uk, nzkc-(hound dog group), ukc-(sighthound/pariah dog group), ckc
rescues: n/a  
basenji dog
adult Basenji dog
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